Tuesday, June 09, 2009

(Un) Lucky In Love

I turned 34 last month. Another year older & still single. I've got to thinking a lot about relationships & that "special someone". I've been single a (long) while & sometimes it feels like I've forgotten what it's like to have that special someone in my life - someone to hold & to love (and to be loved)

As I turn another year older & with all that has happened in our family in the last year, I've got to thinking about where I'm headed in life. I would love to have my own family one day (tho I think sometimes I'd rather foster kids than have my own - maybe my work will take a different path in the future, who knows).

I do know that I don't want to be single the rest of my life - I want to share my life with someone & have them share their life with me. This doesn't mean I'm gonna run off with the first guy I come across that shows any interest, but I need to put myself out there rather than expect him to drop out of the sky (cos let's face it, he probably won't).

Enuff of the philosophising for tonight (& I haven't even had any wine to blame it on!)

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