Wednesday, March 02, 2005

God is faithful !!

since you asked so nicely Andrew - I'm posting something . Actually, its a really good article. Something I've been thinking about - its the kinda article I would expect Sarah Dailey to write......

I'm helping run a Neil Anderson "Freedom in Christ" conference for the next few days, I have so much to write - so much to say. I promise to write more at the start of next week - you can remind me if I don't !!

Suffice to start with God is so incredibly faithful - why do I doubt Him ? When I didn't make it thru my medical he surrounded me with amazing friends - thanx Helen, Heather & Mark - you guys rock !! who hugged me, loved me, prayed for me & were there for me. I so appreciate you all. Both of my jobs which I had resigned from kept me on for another month & then allowed me to leave on a week's notice.

My new job is hard to describe - I'll write more next week

Did I tell you all I'll be in Ohio in October for about 2 weeks - am gonna stay for most of it with the amazing
Sarah Wagler - we should arrange a reunion......