Tuesday, May 10, 2005

and the best news of all......

I forgot to tell you the best news of all ....... do you know my friend Angela ? I don't know if you met her or not - she works in the Holyland around the church. I've got to know her & have prayed on & off for her for a couple of years now -she is amazing. She got saved about a month ago. PTL !!

So cool - God finally got her - she said she was standing brushing her teeth one night thinking about how she could have handled a situation differently & said "What could I have done differently ?" & God said "you could have asked Me." And that was it.....

She is so on fire for God - she has her "hit list" drawn up & is such a natural evangelist - look out world !! She is so fresh in her faith - it's refreshing to spend time with someone who doesn't know "how to speak & act Christian" - o that we could all be like her.

Would love to get her to Toronto, but I'm not sure Toronto is ready for her :)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

well its been a while folks

well, its been ages since i've looked at my blog....... and even longer since i wrote - I'm such a bad blogger :(

the Neil Anderson conference went really well - we set a new record for selling books in the UK (N. Irish people love their books !!). We had a lot of fun - Neil is a really neat guy - he came and sat with us behind the book stall during the breaks (how many other folks do you know do that ??) We got to go out for dinner with him before he left. I learnt alot from him over the conference - if you get a chance to hear him at TACF you should go.

My job - well i've been in it 3 months now - wow - it seems a long time when its written down :) I'm settling in ok i think - I have 2 kids aged 14 & 15 (both boys !) who are out on bail (for what you'd rather not know !! lets just say its serious) - I spend 15 hrs a week with each of them & their families. I get to fight.... I mean talk with social workers, the courts and many other red tape supplying folks - its heartbreakin to see these kids caught up in a system supposed to serve them that seems to me to be doin more damage... many tears shed..... many prayers prayed.

lots of excitin stuff happenin with church and the cafe - but not sure how to put it in words - when i figure that out i'll let you know

well, onwards & upwards - time for work :)