Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Job !!

So several months ago I started writing about the saga of hoping for a new job. It was the two year anniversary on the 1st of February since starting the job I'm in at the minute. I came home that afternoon to find a letter on the door mat offering me a new job (the same one I interviewed for last Nov).

I'm so excited !!!! So I handed in my notice with my current job & start this one of 5th March. I've learnt a lot in this job - but I can't wait for what comes my way in this one. Who knows - with the pay increase, I might even be able to look for a house :)



Over at Graceland, Mark is exploring what Lent means & what we could give up/ take up for Lent. I'd posted a couple of my thoughts:

* build on the 'create a moan free zone' - be intentionally positive towards others - tell people what you appreciate about them - dare i say write a note/ email/ text/ make a phone call to tell someone you appreciate them

* give up chocolate/ Chinese/ wine -whatever your 'wind down' spoil yourself thing is - give the money you save to a charity

* read a book by someone you would not normally read - if you read emerging church type folks (Rob Bell/ Shane Claiborne or the like) read something written before postmodernism arrived & vice versa. Take some time to rediscover faith from a different perspective.

The only other idea I've come up with is:

* Turn off your radio/ CD player in the car/ house/ place of work - use the time to pray/ tune into God. (Dare I suggest that one could consider fasting TV for Lent ?)

If you have any ideas, post them here, or mosey over to Graceland & leave a comment.