Monday, October 25, 2004


Well, I'm back. It was great to be away for a few days at the conference in Bath - had a lot of fun - it was good to see Nicola, Gail, Mary, Julia (all from my LSOM last year) and Adele etc. Wish i could've seen them all for longer.

We were staying in a cute B & B round the corner (literally) from the church - was handy when we had to carry people home !! We had these two guys with us who've only been Christians for a couple of months - their first experience of all this was walking into the auditorium & seeing the pastors get prayed for - people manifesting all over the place. They were completely blown away - spent hours on the carpet & are changed people. Awesome !

Wish I could say the same for me..... I enjoyed hearing the speakers - was good to have lot of teaching reinforced & God spoke to me in that. But ministry brought up issues for me - mainly my rejection ones when the prayer team prayed for people up to me, walked around me & my friend & picked up praying for people on the other side of us. Ummmmmmmm.......

The worship was great tho & the anointing of God was so strong - people being healed & minsitered too all over the place. But all in all, I will keep on pressing in cos I know God has loads for me :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

All Done !

Well made it to the dentist (my fav place in the world.......) on Monday avo. S'funny cos on Sunday Mark had been teaching about handling your emotions n stuff. So as i'm heading out to the dentist he's shouting after me to remember the teaching. Thought about it as I drove over. Came up with this : My primary emotion is fear because my experience as a child with dentists wasn't a good one. Now that I am an adult, dentistry has come along way, I have a new & good dentist now, so i don't need to be afraid. So I sat in the chair and repeated 'God is with me, & I dont need to be afraid cos its not going to hurt as much.' And guess what ???? It didn't. PTL !!!!

So now I'm all done :) The down side is that it cost me £100 :( and now I'm on a dental insurance programme that I have to pay for every month.........

but feeling way happier now that I dont have to see the dentist for 6 months.

On another note heading to Bath tomorrow to Bath City Church for a "Healing, Wholeness and Freedom Conference" run by TACF - looking forward to getting away & to seeing people again as well as hearing & experiencing God again - it's been a while.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

argh !

flippin argh !

back at the dentist tomorrow - more injections........ drills....... yucky taste in my mouth..........

dear God - please fill my teeth tonight so i dont need anything done tomorrow.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

in the dentist chair

So went back on Friday to the dentist. 2 injections and 3 fillings later and I'm done for another week. It wasn't too bad (apart from her not putting the gel stuff on my gum to semi-freeze it first) I suppose, although whatever was in those injections made me wanna puke the rest of the day. See maybe God does answer prayer - if He'd just fill in the holes in my teeth before I go back next week - I dont even ask for gold teeth - just ordinary fillings would be fine.....