Wednesday, September 29, 2004

the dentist....

well.... i went........ he checked my teeth.... fixed my front tooth and pronounced that i needed 5 (FIVE) fillings !!!!! argh ! thats what you get when you avoid the dentist for a year and have teeth like chalk. So am back next Friday for the first found of injections, drilling & filling. Happy days :) see this is why I avoid the dentist - my teeth are now sore !

Monday, September 27, 2004

View of the cafe from the outside Posted by Hello

So here is a pic of what the cafe looks like from the outside. As soon as I borrow a digital camera from someone I'll post a few of what it looks like inside so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

the cafe is open !

Well, the cafe finally opened last Monday. It looks awesome ! The food is amazing, the coffee is the best I've ever tasted (cheaper than the other local eateries) and the staff are friendly (and I dont work there so ain't talkin about myself!!) and best of all, all profits go to third world projects.

will try & post some pics of the place in the next few days. If you're ever in Belfast call in. Check out the website for more info

Google games

OK so maybe I'm just sad and have no life - have u ever done the "type your name into google and see how far up (or down) the list you appear ? I tried it a couple of weeks ago and my blog came up 8th in a list of however many. Tried it again tonite & still can't find my page (in a list of 1826 sites) - I did pull my name up as number one in through the church website tho.

how far up (or down) google do you appear ?

Saturday, September 25, 2004

My phobia

I am truly phobic about dentists. Too many bad experiences as a child & teenager have left me traumatised to the point where I almost need tranquilised before i'll sit in the chair (and i have been over the years more than once!) So its coming up to the six monthly check up (in fact its probably past it) - my theory is, if it aint sore, why go ? I've been too many times and once they start poking I'm in pain for weeks (and it costs a fortune). I decided this afternoon that I should probably face my fear and go for a check up. So about 3pm I call & make an appointment for next week. At 6pm, my tooth breaks off and falls out !!! Now if this was a back tooth, I'd be ok - unfortunately its not - its the one at the front of my mouth, so at the minute when i smile I look a bit more freakish than usual. But its not sore...... who knows, I could get to like this look......