Sunday, April 30, 2006

E Bay

If I'd have known that this was up for sale I might have put a bid on. Don't know that I Would have won - I don't have £15 000 to spare (or 15 pence for that matter !!). But it would be my dream come true to fly in one of these things.........

Monday, April 10, 2006

Building Houses

So as you may know after a bit of a break I got involved with our amazing youth again in January.

I was asked last month if I would join them as a late addition on a Habitat for Humanity team. So this August I am off to Zambia for 2 weeks to build houses. We're going to be in Lusaka (the capital) and hope to build 3 houses.

It's kind of ironic (is that the right word?) that I am building houses when I am trying to buy one for myself. Actually that's on hold as I can't afford a house - the prices have gone up so much. Maybe I'll build one for myself after the summer - ha ha !!

And so begins the fundraising & round of injections....... will keep you informed of all the fun with that :)