Thursday, November 17, 2005


A very sad thing happened last week - I turned on our TV to watch my favourite programme (Spooks) and was greeted with a blue line across the screen and perfect sound.......

Our TV had got sick (sniff sniff).

And so it went to the repair man....... who had it all weekend.

I usually don't watch much TV but coming home from work & seeing a gaping hole where it used to sit.........

It made me think about choice. I've always said that when I get my own place I don't want a TV in it. It was strange how much I felt differently when it was gone - I almost went out & bought a portable one (sad I know!!) !! People in work were horrified that we didn't have one in every room.

It was strange how my "need"/ desire for a TV changed when my choice was taken away as to whether or not I wanted it. I wonder what else this could be true of...... and the question now is -

will i survive without a TV in my own place ??

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Very Addictive Game

So, I've found this game about eggs It does my head in. Have a go & see what you think - one way of whiling away your hours at the office or in class :)