Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thought for the Day

Too many people believe their doubts & doubt their beliefs

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In Honour of Sarah......./ Cheap Intimacy

So its my last day here - am sitting in the solarium listening to Longview on my ipod & checking my emails & thinking I should post my thoughts on my often neglected blog (I told Sarah I would days ago......) This entry is in honour of her.

I can't believe I've been here 10 days - it feels like forever & yet like I only arrived yesterday at the same time. It's been a really good vacation - having the chance to hang out, take space, eat good food (you're a great cook Sarah!!) drink coffee, & watch an entire series of Lost was just what I needed........ if you haven't done it before, I don't recommend trying to work an entire summer without a break. It would be great to stay longer - move in with sarah for real & be a room-mate, but I guess I have a job & stuff I need to go home to......

So the point of this entry - blogging - is it really cheap intimacy ? Sharing my innermost thoughts with a few (select) friends around the world (yes if I've given you this website you are honoured & select!!) & any strangers who happen to somehow (?) stumble on this page......... I don't honestly know - Sarah says "yes it is". I don't think it is - I don't share my innermost thoughts I guess -they go in my journal. I read somewhere this week that you can't be intimate with God unless you are honest with Him, maybe that's true for blogging. But I guess while I'm honest on these pages, I'm not at the spill my guts level - if anyone really wants to know how I'm doing, they can always email or call.......... intimacy works in both directions - someone is going to have to be interested & care enough before I'll tell them what is really going on behind the mask. Maybe some blogs try to be intimate - it is easier to write about what is going on than talk about it - but I guess what I'm saying is you probably won't find my secret thoughts or heart's cry on this blog - for that you'll have to buy me a coffee :)

Ummm that was a bit of a ramble.......

Monday, October 17, 2005


So I admit it - I'm an addict.

The Lost series has only started airing back home and because i'm often out in the evenings i'd only seen a random few episodes. Over the past week I'vewatched most of the first season on DVD - I'm hooked - I ended up watching half the series across Friday & Saturday - I realise I don't have a life (that reminds me of one of the episodes where Shannon (sad that I can name them all......) talks about being home on a Saturday night)- we just have to track down the last DVD to watch the last 4 episodes & then I can go home & spoil the storyline for everyone.

Maybe I should start a group for Lost addicts ?? "Hi my name is Deirdre & I'm a lost addict"
Ummm........ I can think of a few who my join me in working through my addiction.

It has been good cos I can't think of the last time when I sat down & did as little as this....... it's been a good rest, even though when I go home & people ask me what I did on my vacation & I tell them I watched the Lost series - their looks of pity will be worth it. Who need sightseeing ?

In all honesty though, I've found it thought provoking - there are stories of grace, forgiveness & redemption in most episodes. It's been worth it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Holidaying in the US

So after too many months am finally back in the US. My journey is 2 fold -

1. my little (well he's still taller, just younger) brother got married in Solon, Ohio last week. My family came over for the wedding. He married a girl from London.... why they couldnt come to the UK to get married is beyond me - it would've been cheaper to get 2 people to travel back to us than get 20 people (between both families) to fly out here........ but no matter.

2. The better half of my trip & my vacation for the year........ has been to pay a visit to Sarah Wagler. I've been staying with her this week - I"m here another 6 days - I don't want to leave, but am not thinking about that right now - I'll just enjoy the time I have.

It's been so much fun - though it would be said my girly side comes out when I'm with Sarah - I find myself doing things like teaching her to cook ...... knitting (!?! - I haven't done that in about 20 years, but have managed to knit a autumnal scarf without dropping too many stitches)...... clothes shopping (let's face it, I hate clothes shopping, even if you wouldnt thin k it by the amount of stuff I bought in Old Navy - my excuse is it hasn't made it to Ireland yet. I LOVE OLD NAVY !!)...... BUT the best thing of all I think we have done so far is BELLY DANCING !! Yup, you read right..... Sarah, Charlie, Hannah & I went last night all ready to shake our booties (or should that be bellies ?). It was a lot of fun - though it would be said Sarah has the moves, I only have the belly...... I think I need to practice some before we go next week. It really is very graceful (not at all what I expected), I might even be graceful one day - if i could do any of the moves..... I might have to check out a class at home. I shall keep you posted.....