Sunday, September 11, 2005

such a bad blogger...... & holidays !!

I'm such a bad blogger - I can't BELIEVE how much i suck at this - seriously, I'm going thru my day & something happens & I think "oh, I should blog about this" ......... & then I don't get round to it.

Like a couple of weeks ago I was off for the bank holiday - my first day off all summer, & I wake up at 7:30 AM !!!!! with no mission of going back to sleep or getting a lie in. The next day - when I'm supposed to be at work, my alarm clock doesn't go off & I sleep in til 9:55am (I'm supposed to be meeting a client at 10am 30 miles away..............) . I was a little bit late for that one - opps !

Finished with my first client last week - had been working with him for 7 months (since I started this job). It was strange saying goodbye - he was like out the door of the car before it had stopped & half way to his house before I could say "nice working with you, stay out of trouble....". In the nicest way possible I hope I don't see him again !! I suspect I might tho.......It was hard saying goodbye to his mum - we've got close & I've got to know her pretty well. I'll miss her - I guess this is the hard bit - walking away. In church work it felt like I could walk with people forever, but in this job relationships are short term & I only have a short time to try to make a difference. I guess it should be up to God anyway........

I'm getting ready for my summer hols - my brother is getting married in Cleveland in October, so with an excuse for a wee jaunt across the Atlantic I'll be there to be the (still single & unmarried) big sister - at least there won't be alot of my relatives there asking when I'm 'tying the knot' - ummmm just have to find the other half before I can do that ! We'll leave those round of questions for the blessing service at Christmas. The best bit about this trip is going to be post-wedding chaos when I get to stay with the ever-amazing Sarah W - can't wait to see you babe !!