Friday, August 24, 2007

Have been doing some trawling of new (well new to me) blogs over the last few weeks and found the above picture here. Made me stop in my tracks - it kinda describes my relationship with Jesus at the minute . My attempts at conversations with Jesus have been few & far between of late and those that I've had feel like they've been bouncing off the ceiling. Not good.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

INFJ part 2

Me and the INFJ sites have done some talking.

Apparently this is kinda what I am like. Those of you who know me can judge for yourself.

Introverted - yup - I'm an introvert. I do "do" social interaction, but if you put me in a large group of people, you'll find me sitting quietly in a corner (or just talking to the people I know). I am rejuvenated by time alone or with a few friends.

I do have lots to say (especially if the subject is something I am passionate about -don't get me started !!) but won't always say it - I'd rather listen.

iNtution - I think I float between this and Sensing - definitely need to be more sensing in work where being concrete, facts, details and practicalities are important. But so are looking to the future & possibilities (which I spend alot of work time looking at too..... I guess this suits me well). I spend probably far too much time reading into things and can be too idealistic for my own good.

Feeling Again this screams me ! Probably the strongest of all the characteristics. I make decisions with my heart rather than facts (unless I'm in work) and go with principles and values (what I believe in) - I can't rule with my head. Feelings are important. I rely on intution and my feelings alot to make decisions.

I HATE conflict and will pretty much do anything to avoid it (including not giving my opinion unless I'm REALLY passionate about it). I think I do empathy and caring for others pretty well too (just to blow my own trumpet for a moment). I don't do logic much (unless its puzzles..... pretty addicted to Sudoku at the minute).

Judging Some of these are true - I'm organised and structured, yes, I like lists (only so I remember what all I've to do!). Closure is good (most of the time). I don't think I'm that decisive, until I've made a decision and then I'll stick to it, so maybe I am...... (that what such an indecisive sentence.... ha ha!!) but I also see Perceiving traits in me too - I am a very random thinker at times. And if I have to write reports in work I am the world's worst at procrastinating, as much as I hate myself for it & would rather have it written ! I think I'm adaptable as much as I like organisation and relative structure (although that's maybe more to do with not liking conflict!).

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Am still working out to be what it means to be an INFJ - doing some reading (and more online testing). Certainly what I'm reading seems to fit with what I understand about my personality.....

more to come .......

Monday, August 13, 2007

Personality Testing

I've seen this test springing up on a number of blogs recently & decided to see if I have a personality......

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I've done a number of these Myers-Briggs type tests over the past few years while I've worked in various jobs (they say your personality can change depending on your job and what the focus of it is...... something about adaptability).

Over the years my results have always come out as an INFJ (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging). I guess I must be pretty set in my ways..... I'd rather just think of myself as unique :)

I'll blog about what I think about my results in the next few days.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Hmmmmm am being a bad blogger at the minute. There is stuff I want to write, but I'm afraid that I might offend some people if I do. I'm not ready to offend those people just yet, though I might be in a few days, you never know ;)

Since moving on from CLB (church left behind) & when I've felt up to it I've visited a few places trying to see if there is somewhere I can connect with & find God. As I've visited other churches, I've slowly become more disillusioned with what church in the 21st Century is.

Several times I've walked into a church over the past few months, sat on my own (strategically on the end of a row in the middle of the room), and left again after the service an hour later with no one having spoken to me, apart from the odd smile as people climbed over me to get a seat. At first I thought maybe they were visitors too, but judging by the conversations they were having with others on the rows either side, maybe not.....

Even hanging around after for a bit to try & find out a bit more about the church didn't elict conversation.......

I have a couple of things in my head from these experiences - either how we (the collective) do church these days is dead & needs changed or the Christians I came into contact with really were just unfriendly & need reminded to 'welcome the stranger into their midst'.

I guess my thought, or plea, or whatever you want to call it is this: to faith communities - look out for the stranger/ visitor in your midst and say hello. I'm not asking for you to tell me your life story or be my best friend, I just want to feel like I can connect with someone for 5 minutes. Cos at the minute I'm waving goodbye to the churches I've visited & don't know if I'll be back.