Tuesday, August 31, 2004

no, i'm not an addict....... honest

well, last nite was an adventure ...... Dad was working outside taking ivy off the brickwork & pulled out the phone line. (duh !!) . I was tasked to phone BT to get them to come and fix it - they gave me next Monday as the first available date to fix it. arghhhhhhhh can you imagine a week with no phone (and EVEN worse - no internet!!!!!!) It made me realise how dependant I am on the internet to catch up on emails & keep in touch with people around the world. It also made me realise that maybe I rely on it too much - would a week without the internet be such a bad thing ????

Well, as you can see I'm not about to find out - we sent Dad back up the ladder tonite and he fixed the line so we are online again :)

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Tescos Part 2

I am SO sore !!!! My back is aching - I can say without a doubt I won't be able to move tomorrow.

spent the first shift working in health & beauty for 5 1/2 hrs !!! its so flippin picky and wee fiddly things - its a nightmare !! I wound up covered in bits of shampoo, soap etc (at least I smelt nice...... well interesting). And the better part of this story is that I have to be up at 6am tomorrow so I can do it all again (well from 8-noon). I'm really far to nice for my own good. I need to learn to say "no" more often !

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Have been thinking all week about writing this post (well since Saturday). Spent Saturday morning praying with a couple of friends thru some stuff (based on Neil Anderson's Freedom in Christ books). Was a really good few hours - feel alot lighter in my spirit (PTL !) I'll maybe write a bit more when I'm not so sleepy & my brain is functioning.........

O how I love Tescos.......

I am so confused - i have no idea what day it is (well not until I look at what day the computer tells me I post this on)....... I have been doing a bit of overtime at Tescos this week - 2 nights down, 2 to go. So all my days have blended into one. It feels like a Friday. Unfortunately they are really short staffed at the minute, so I found myself agreeing to work 9am - 3pm in one store tomorrow & then back in the usual place from 4-10pm (well thats better than the usual 6-midnite!!). And the likelihood is that they'll push for me to do the same on Friday. Not flippin likely !! I'll need my sleep on Friday morning to recover from tomorrow.

Please God let me sleep tonite !!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

job applications

So a few weeks ago I spent hours and hours (literally) filling out this application form for a job that I and several friends really believed God was directing me towards. Called them this afternoon cos I hadn't heard anything - I didn't make the shortlist for interview. Guess I/ we heard God wrong, or it became an idol or something. Bit disappointed.... please don't tell me God has something better for me - I just don't need to hear that right now...... am sure He does, it's just a bit hard to believe at the minute.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Ragamuffin Diva

this is the most awesomest blog I've ever read - it touches my heart & soul - it makes me laugh, cry, question, think. It speaks a little more of God into my life - what can I say - GO READ IT !!

Ragamuffin Diva

Car Insurance

yup, its that time of year again when my purse yells "ouch" - my car insurance is due. Have spent the morning on the phone trying to get a reasonable quote. It ain't happenin'. See the thing that drives me nuts about car insurance here is that even though you might have a clean driving licence, no accidents on record, if you live in a postcode where claims are high against car insurers (cos of joy riding or whatever), they put up your insurance (maybe they don't realise that the cars are probably stolen somewhere else and driven near here !!) Grrrrrr !! Ok rant over - it just looks like I'll not be travelling the world again for a bit (sorry Sarah ! maybe sometime after Christmas!!)

Friday, August 13, 2004

my favourite drink

wherever i am, whatever I'm doing, I can usually be found with a mega cup of coffee in my hand. not any more !! In an attempt to cut down the caffine overload in my body, I have discovered chai lattes. can't make them from scratch yet, but they are very, very good (if you haven't tried them yet, i heartily recommend them). And it's all thanks to a coffee shop around the corner from church called Esquires (figures it would be a Canadian company).

As long as our cafe (Common Grounds) makes them, I'll be a happy bunny. We open in five weeks - can't wait - it's all coming together - the kitchen is finished..... walls & floor are done.... the lights go in this week.... tables & chairs are being finished as I type. Will try & post some photos soon.

Sunday, August 08, 2004


was just soooooo tired after all those crazy shifts in Tescos this week that I didn't move from my bed til lunchtime - haven't done that in a long time, was kinda nice. But now have a touch of insomnia, so i find myself working at the computer pulling some info together on Grant Mullen for a friend that I've been promising to get her for weeks. He's coming to speak in Bath in October - booked my flights last week - a chance to get to a TACF conference & see some of my wonderful friends (I hope) while I'm there.

spent the afternoon taking apart the church office (well may you ask!) they are starting phase 2 of the building work on Monday - involves knockin holes in walls, building new walls, moving toilets, putting in doors, building ramps..... My arms and legs have just about recovered from pulling nails out of the cafe floor last week - thank goodness the builders are doing it all - just have to put up with no real office space and alot of dust for the next 5 weeks......... roll on Sept 9th. Lots of grace Jesus to not lose it with the builders in the midst of the chaos.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Nicola, Sarah and Me - somewhere in a park in Toronto Posted by Hello

Here is a wee pic of me & a couple of m8s when I went to visit them in June - can't remember what the name of the park is, but i do remember the good times - the craziness - playing in the park, drinking bubble tea, getting a tattoo, drinking coffee, eating too much, sitting on the office floor pretending to help you with work..... i havent had so much fun in....... well a very long time. So to all the wonderful people over there who know me & love me for who I am and not who i pretend to be - THANKYOU. And Sarah, sorry for all the links to your site, what can I say - you are an awesome blogger !

The Youth Formal

Chloe, Lauren, Me & Amy at the formal Posted by Hello

So waaaaayyyyy back at the end of June we had a youth formal - man you should have seen it - all the boys in their tuxs waiting with corsages for the girls nervously outside church - it was awesome !! Much thanx to my good friend Sarah Wagler who trawled the mall with me to find a dress (yea Sears) - for those of you who know me, this is a girly step - my first dress in about 10 years !!! The nite rocked - as you can see the girlies all look so grown up (I've known them for over 10 years - sniff sniff, now i feel old!!)

It was a great nite, and I can't wait to do it all again in December (maybe we'll even do one for the oldies too . In true formal style, not being able to wear the same dress twice, i mite have to go shopping (fancy a trip to Ireland Sarah ??)

So proud of you.....

Amy & Me at the youth formal Posted by Hello

So this is Amy - one of our youth. I've known her since she was 3 and used to kick my ankles in church (thankfully she doesn't do that so often any more !!) She's all grown up now (as you can see). I'm so proud of her - she is an amazing daughter of God - she knows who she is & God's call on her life (and she is an amazing hairdresser !) Keep on Amy - go for your dreams - I believe in you (and more importantly, so does God)

last nite i discovered who i am.....

ummmmm...... so before you (or I) think I've finally lost it - this is what I was thinking as I drove home from my shift at Tescos. I've been working there 8 months now - 2 nites a week (6pm til midnite - I wouldnt recommend if it was the last job on earth - too much time to think!). Until last nite I was one of the faceless shelf stackers quietly putting out the biccies, coffee, cereals, crisps etc on the shelves & generally trying to be ignored by customers...... not any more. I now have a name badge !! To the customers that come in now I am "Deirdre" (it only took about 5 goes for my boss to spell my name rite.) I am smiley, happy, "how can I help you & welcome to Tescos" Deirdre. Ummmm am not sure that I'll like this new me - I liked being faceless & ignored....

but its got me thinking - who am i really ? why do i exist ? what has God put me on this earth for ? well, just a few of lifes big questions really - something to think about on tonite's shift.... (and if any of you do have the answer - send them on a postcard & then I can think about something else -lol)