Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Madness

or should that be Summer Muddiness ? It was rather wet & muddy to say the least - many a soggy meal was eaten and tents shook as people triped over the guy ropes in the semi darkness.

Got back from Summer Madness just over a week ago - it's taken me this long to recover - I think I'm still recovering !! So is my tent - it's still pitched in the garden drying out - if only it would stop raining so I could take it down 'sigh'

Had a great time hanging out with the youf & chilling out... tying Duff's shoelaces together....drinking coffee late into the night.... listening to music (Juilet Turner & Foy Vance are particular highlights) as well as burning dinner on the BBQ...... (and attending the odd seminar)

Many thanks go to Hannah, Duff, & Laura who helped out immensely (and even cooked without giving anyone food poisoning Monday night - Neil & I really appreciated the night off). They also put up with me hanging out with them & talking rubbish (and teaching them the secrets of youth work as they begin their careers as youth workers (lol) ). You guys ROCK !

Hannah was posting on her Bebo some SM sayings - so i've stolen some of them & added some more (they probably won't make sense to anyone who wasn't there but they made me smile):

1) Rowan left me an airbed in my yawning!
2) You can stand under my umbrella... ella.... ella....
3) I seem to have acquired... (insert any random object/person/place/thing)
4) I'm allergic to... [again insert anything, except heat!]
5) Don't roll left on an airbed
6) "Deirdre is it goin to be dry tonight?" Deirdre "I dunno, why?" Joe "Cuz i wana leave all my stuff outside"
8) Respect the Deb!
9) your boob's showin
10) sBsUsM lol it says bum
11) Black is best

It was a fun weekend - maybe next year we'll all be back as youth leaders.......


Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Simple Way

Have been reading "The Irresitible Revolution - Living Life as an Ordinary Radical" by Shane Claiborne recently & haved liked what he has had to say. Was checking out their website last week & was sad to read that their premises & houses beside them had been destroyed in a major fire.

The work they do & the influence they have had on their local community is obvious - if you have a few spare quid, please consider donating it to these guys by clicking here so they can help rebuild their community & lives of those around them.