Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life Languages

its been soooooo long since i posted anything on my blog - I'm such a bad blogger :(

I have good intentions - I keep thinking about it & things happen in my life that i think I really should put that in my blog....... but then i don't get around to it.

So...... we had James & Denise Jordan from Fatherheart Ministries come to our church last weekend. It was the first time they had been in Northern Ireland. We were blessed to have them & hopefully they'll come back one day soon (We had been praying & planning this weekend for nearly 3 years !)

On another note, after hearing loads of people talk about it over the past few years & thinking I really should look into it more, I took the Life Languages Profile test thingy this week. I wasn't surprised to find my primary language was a "Responder" (tho it was higher than I thought it would be). I was surprised to find my second language was "Contemplator" - I thought I would be a "Doer" I think I've worked out I "do" out of responding to my caring & wanting to help others. I did feel a wee bit boxed by the profile that I printed out - only cos it described me so accurately (that was scary) ...... but it's helped me understand me & why I react the way I do in situations & has in some small way affirmed me in what I 'need' from others around me & that I'm not going nuts ! I'm hoping it'll help me know how better respond to others around me (once i work out what their language is) in situations & that it'll give me confidence to say 'no' to people & not feel so guilty about it - watch this space.